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All of my best teachers taught different arts, but they all had one thing in common, they were great teachers.

At first thought most people may think that a great martial arts teacher needs to be a great martial artist. I have known better practitioners in each art that I study, but they were not superior teachers.

If that was the case I think we all have had some bosses that would be great martial arts teachers. In times like that I like to quote the great Jim Rohn, The journey of martial arts is a difficult one, and it should be.

Parents should be especially critical and particular of who is teaching their child.Fees in addition to the base credit hour fee generally apply in order to cover other costs associated with offering the courses.To get an accurate fee assessment based on your enrollment status, please visit the Global Campus website (see links below).A great martial artist is great at what they do, but they may not even understand why they are good at it, or what you need to do to become great. What makes a great teacher is a teacher that can transfer their knowledge to YOU.That may encompass and include more than the knowledge itself.

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Some parents have a warped perception of martial arts instruction.

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